Tofu Recipes can Rock your Socks in the Kitchen

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Tired of the same boring foods day after day? Are you thinking of becoming a vegan or vegetarian? Do you want to up the ante and begin improving your diet and health? Have you simply decided to expand your palate and want to add different ingredients to your weekly meal plans? Then you will definitely want to learn how to create new and exciting tofu recipes.

Tofu is an exceptionally versatile ingredient that can boost your health, extend your life and help you lose weight. This is one product that provides you with high levels of protein and it is also good for your heart. The main factor to keep in mind is to use the right type of tofu in each recipe.
Silken tofu can be used when you are trying one of the tofu smoothie recipes. Blend some berries, tofu, fruit juice and ice and use this when you are craving a naturally sweet snack that is low in calories. You can even blend tofu with yogurt and fruit.

Firm and extra firm tofu can be used to create delicious, meat-less burritos and quiches. You will not even miss that beef, pork or chicken. Add diced tofu to a pan. Mix in some fresh veggies, spices and herbs. In minutes you will have a very satisfying stir-fry that is colorful and tasty. Add eggs, onions, chopped broccoli and a dash of garlic to this tofu dish or you could eliminate the eggs altogether and just enjoy the crisp texture of stir-fried veggies blended with tofu.

Whip up a batch of mini-muffins that are made with eggs, extra firm tofu, tomatoes chopped onions, spicy peppers, thyme, rosemary and some chopped greens. Use egg-substitutes if you prefer. For a deep, earthy flavor use sauteed mushrooms as one of the ingredients in these tiny muffins. Tofu recipes can be used for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner. There is even a recipe that shows you how to make a vegan-friendly French toast treat with tofu, soy milk, spices and some whole-wheat flour. This is a sinfully delicious meal that you and your family will definitely enjoy.

The extra-firm version of tofu is a wonderful replacement for the meat that you would normally eat. The texture makes it an ideal ingredient that you can use in most baked, fried or stir-fry dishes. It is even possible to bake a block of extra-firm tofu in your oven. All you need to do is season the tofu by marinating it in your favorite sauce before baking. Once you have baked the tofu you can enjoy the depth of flavors that will be present in each slice.

Try tofu in soups, stews and salads. Add this ingredient to pizzas or sandwiches. Substitute tofu for chicken, beef or pork. Once you begin experimenting with tofu this healthy, affordable food may just become a staple in your kitchen.

The History of Tofu

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Eating tofu requires having a certain tastebud, that actually enjoys the taste.  Many people have stated that there are many benefits of tofu, being that it is considered a health food. And some have spoken about its’ taste.  Have you ever thought of where tofu comes from and its’ history?  There is a lot to learn about the history of tofu, if you are a health food nut, who enjoys tofu as a delicacy. Tofu is beneficial as it contains large amounts of protein and iron and is low in fat.  It can also be high in calcium, which is good for healthy bones in the body as well as being high in magnesium.  Tofu also has a very low calorie count, meaning that it is difficult to gain weight, while eating tofu.

It is stated that Tofu originated around 179-122 BC by Prince Liu An. It started in China almost two thousand years ago, then spread to Korea and Japan and other portions of East Asia. Tofu, which is also called bean curd, is made with left over curds of soy milk, which are then made, into soft white blocks, that can be added to any dish. Tofu has a distinctive flavor, that is very delicate and difficult to describe.  It is usually mixed with sweet, spicy and salty dishes, because the taste is usually very bland.

Stir Fried Tofu

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Ingredients you will need:
Two tbsp of soy sauce, Two tbsp of Chinese rice wine, Two tbsp of sugar, Two tsp of sesame oil, One tbsp of vegetable oil, One thinly sliced brown onion, Two garlic cloves sliced finely, One two-centimeter piece of grated fresh ginger, 200 grams of sliced honey soy tofu, One small bag of baby corn, One small bag of baby peas, One package of mushrooms.
One bunch of separated baby pak choy leaves.


Step 1
In a large bowl whisk the soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, sugar and sesame oil together and Season with pepper.
Step 2
Heat oil in large frying pan over a high heat. Stir-fry the onion, garlic and ginger for about 2 minutes or until the onion is cooked and has softened.
Step 3
Add the remaining ingredients together in your frying pan. Stir-fry for around 4 minutes or until the vegetables have softened, it is important to be gentle as to not break up the tofu. Once you have completed these steps cover your pan and turn the heat off until it cools and serve.

Great Tofu Recipes

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There are some great tofu recipes, that will have your guests wanting more. While the taste of tofu, is often times bland, adding tofu to a sweet or spicier dish, can make a difference in your meal. Tofu can be added to any meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while taking away all of the fat from the meal. Just think of eating tofu, instead of meat, for a healthier and probably, more delicious meal.


For instance, in the mornings try for breakfast, the Tofu Scramble, where instead of eggs, try tofu, along with peppers, mushrooms and onions, in making your meal. Add the tofu, in with peppers, mushrooms and onions and whatever else suits you taste, for a great jump start breakfast, with lots of protein, low in fat and high in calcium. Or if you have a taste for a smoothie, try the ever popular fruit smoothie of your choice. Many people use blueberries, because they are also low in calories and very good for a growing and healthy body. But you can really use the fruit of your choice,tofu, pomegranate juice and agave. This is a great antioxidant and protein packed snack, when you want something light and delicious, for breakfast, or for after exercising.

Tofu can be added to many delicious meals. It gives you the ability to add what you like to the meal, while taking out the meat, which, if eaten in large quantities, is not good for your body. Tofu gives your body the protein, calcium, magnesium and other sources needed for a healthy body on the inside, which manifests on the outside.

Cajun Grilled Tofu Recipe

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Even if you are trying to eat healthy and enjoy some low-fat, low-carb tofu – that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a scintillating dish like this Cajun Grilled Tofu Recipe. This is one of the most delicious tofu recipes I have tasted and is a fantastic but healthy main meal.


The main recipe below will show you how to make the Cajun Grilled Tofu, and below that you will find the recipe for the Cajun Seasoning Rub that makes up one of the ingredients of the main recipe

Cajun Grilled Tofu


Cajun Seasoning Rub – 2 tablespoons (See below on how to make this)
Canola Oil – 1/2 cup
Extra-Firm Tofu, Drained – 1 pound


- Remove any excess water from the tofu.
- Cut the tofu into thick slices (around 3/4 of an inch).
- Place the tofu in a baking dish.
- Get a small mixing bowl and stir the seasoning rub (which you have made previously) and the canola oil together.
- Apply the mixture to the tofu, covering all sides. Refrigerate for a short while until you are ready to cook.
- Take your grill and lightly coat it with oil.
- Turn it to medium-high heat and grill the tofu. Turn once.
- When the tofu is golden brown on both sides remove the tofu from the grill.
- Serve tofu.

This recipe for Cajun Grilled Tofu will serve up to 6 people. Remember to make the Cajun Seasoning Rub as described below.

Cajun Seasoning Rub


Sweet Paprika – 1 and a half teaspoons
White Pepper – Half a teaspoon
Dried Oregano – 1 teaspoon
Dried Thyme – 2 teaspoons
Freshly Ground Black Pepper – Half a teaspoon
Salt – 3 tablespoons
Onion Powder – 1 tablespoon
Cayenne Pepper – 1 tablespoon


Put all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl. Stir until they are blended. Then store in an airtight container until ready to serve.

Benefits Of Tofu

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The health benefits that come a long with using tofu as a substitute for meat are various and in great numbers. Introducing tofu regularly into your diet can help lower high cholesterol, alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause along with lowering the risk of cancer. Other health benefits that come along with tofu include the strengthening of middle-aged bones and even delaying aging process. Tofu has has also been proven to be a good source of calcium and vitamin E.
Tofu is also called soybean curd by some and is produced by the process of grinding soybeans into a milky substance, which is then compressed and left to sit in order to form a solid substance. After it has dried into a solid, it is then cut into cubes and packaged to be sold. Since soybeans are cheap, abundant, and also a rich source of protein tofu has earned itself the nickname “the poor mans protein”. The cost of tofu is much less than that of your average cut of beef, and is considerably more healthy for you. Making it a clear choice for you and your body’s need for nutrients.